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11-11-05 SEIC Meeting Letter
Greetings to SEIC members,
I have just returned (4 AM Wednesday) from the Whitewater Symposium in Glenwood Springs Colorado. SEIC past chair Kent Ford’s visionary leadership was exceptional as was the whole event. ACA provided the majority of the instruction and presentations. The ACA presenters list included: Charlie Walbridge, Sam Fowlkes, Kent Ford, Bruce Lessels, Will Leverette, Mike Mather, Mary and Phil DeReimer, Pamela Dillon, Wayne Dickert, Sam Drevo, Joe Pulliam and Eugene Buchanan. Andree Hurley, Randy Carlson, Jerry McAward and Bruce Williams also represented ACA ITs. ACA instructor and trainer updates were well attended and a big success. Plan to attend in 2006 and be part of this visionary event – next year to be held in California.

Another ACA success to report - Dixie Division completed one of the largest updates in ACA history - 42 instructors and trainers on October 1 + 2 under the direction of Dixie DIF Robin Pope and Vice Commodore Chris Stec.
I have been quite busy with ACA events; hence the circulation of the SEIC Agenda is 2 days behind schedule.

As is usually the case the November SEIC meeting is going to be a concentrated meeting. I am enclosing the draft agenda for 11-11. This is an ambitious schedule and will certainly be challenging for us to address all of the agenda items.

I will be sending more info in the next few weeks as it becomes available from ACA BOD President Jeff Liebel.
I look forward to seeing all of you at the November meeting. Thanks for your time and hard work.
Best regards,
Sam Fowlkes
SEIC Chair


SEIC Draft Agenda 11-11-05
Safety Education Instruction Council

9 AM Friday November 11, 2005   ACA National Office, Springfield VA

Please be aware that the working agenda sequence may change, contact the chair if you must depart early.

Roll Call of SEIC roster, introductions & conflict of interest statements.
Welcome to Guests – PPA liaison
Acknowledgment – John Malatak  -USCG representative - Chief, Program Operations.

All reports must be given to the Secretary via e-mail ten days prior to the meeting for distribution.

Secretary’s report: Greg Wolfe

Chair's Report: Sam Fowlkes - Report on changes for SEIC, focus areas + viewpoints for the future

Staff Report
Safety Education Instruction activities – Sarah Mason + John Stacey
Required use of ACA materials
Update on ACA Instructor’s Manual (in second printing, quantities now in stock
Update on IT CD – request assistance from this group to promote use
Work on Discipline Specific Instruction Manuals
Instructor Trainer Guidelines (manual)
Update on Instructor certification cards/records audit
New reporting procedures (online!)
Update on USCG & OCCK grants
Need for clarification and/or more in-depth information in SEIC Policy Manual
Announcement of new ITs/ITEs

Staff Proposals
Executive Director Pam Dillon
National Paddlesport Standards and Best Practices  
The panel will begin studying the need for a separate set of education standards for non-motorized boating courses (i.e. Paddlesports).     

Insurance Update: Procedures + Status Report
Gerald Balboa


(Operational note: Curriculum and Instruction meetings will operate back to back.)
Curriculum Committee - Developing the curricula.
Chair: Secretary Greg Wolfe   Attending: All SEIC
Staff Liaison: Sarah Mason
Activity Committee Reports The Discipline Committee oral reports will be given during the Curriculum Committee meeting with a summary presentation given by the Secretary to the main body, with questions and presentation of action items.
(Committee Chairs full reports need to be submitted to SEIC Secretary for distribution)
Safety + Rescue
River Canoe
Touring Canoe
River Kayak
Adaptive Paddling
Surf Kayak
Discussion Items:
Scheduled Reviews of the Discipline Committees for 2006
Discussion: Trip Leader Skills Course for all disciplines
Discussion: ITDW Outline Standardization
Discussion and Proposal: To make the current Canoe Camping Endorsement to include Kayak Touring at the Essentials level
Discussion on changing the name of SEIC back to NIC (National Instructional Council) or other so not to be confused with SEI
Discussion: Requesting the Curriculum Committee to study the implications of implementing an assessment program in all disciplines and make recommendations to SEIC at November ‘06 meeting.
Discuss having Essentials/Basic canoe placed as a part of both the WW and Freestyle track, like it was before.
Discuss printed material that is being produced by the ACA and what other materials may better meet our needs.
Discuss the need to fill the gap between Essentials and WW in River Kayak and how to make the progression clearer.

SmartStart On Water Safety Orientation (Canoe and Kayak)
Continue Coastal Kayak Skills Assessment Program in "Pilot" status for another year.
Require that Instructor Trainer (IT) candidate's final evaluation be conducted by an IT Educator (ITE) different from the candidate's sponsoring IT.
River Kayak - Basic River Kayak Instructor Certification (with supporting Skills Course outline)
River Kayak - Charter application with supporting documentation for Board Approval
River Canoe - Updated Basic River Canoe Skills Course outline
River Canoe - Charter application with supporting documentation for Board Approval

Instruction Committee.  “Improvement and delivery of ACA instructional programs”
Chair: Vice Chair Mike Aronoff   Attending:  All SEIC
Staff liaison: Sarah Mason

Discussion: nature of updates – skills assessment or continuing education and the issue of communication with trainers and instructors on expectations
Discussion: New Instructor Manual - assessment of application
Discussion: New training materials. Development of discipline specific manuals to support current Instructor’s Manual – printed and DVD formats
Instructor candidate assessment form – standardization - implementation
ITE Recruiting by division

Divisional Facilitator Reports
Please have a brief report that summarizes successes and challenges for meeting demand in 2005 with the number of Updates, ITDWs, IT recruitment’s.
(DIFs full reports need to be submitted to SEIC Secretary for distribution)

Curriculum Committee report- Greg
Action Items
Instruction committee report-Mike
Action Items
Standards Committee reports – Sarah Mason
         SEIC welcomes new ITs + ITEs          

Old business.

New business.
SEIC Election of Officers –2006
Nominations Committee – Kent Ford – Chair
Meeting Schedule 2006


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