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ACA Safety and Rescue Committee Chair
347 Paddlers Trail
347 Paddlers Trail
Sylva, NC  28779
T. 828 586-6563
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ACA Instructor Workshops


Greetings instructor candidate,
Thank you for your interest in working towards ACA Swiftwater Rescue Instructor Certification. The IDW is scheduled for 4-11,12,13and the ICE 5-2,3,4. I believe you will find this a very rewarding and challenging process.  I am privileged to be able to teach this course with Jim Coffey, Jim brings the total package of knowledge and ability to the entire course.
Fee structure: IDW $345 includes: ACA Instructor Manual and Instructor Candidate Packet, Kolb LSI3 booklet, Slim Ray’s book SWR for Professionals, 3 day course with 2 SWR ITEs, camping for candidate (includes tent site. shower and portajohn facilities), group equipment use and indoor classroom. ICE $250 includes 2 /12 day course and all of the above except books and course materials.
Our communication strategy is to use my website: whitewater-rescue.com as a base point. The website has a lot of valuable information specifically pertaining to course topics, outlines, etc.
E-mail communications will be the predominant mode of dispersing info and conversing. We will contact everyone via telephone at the outset of the course and throughout as necessary. Our style is interpersonally oriented, to facilitate your success we must connect with you. I am interested in engendering enthusiasm for the safety message boaters need through quality, relevant teaching techniques. 
Electronic communications are the wave of the future and we are riding that wave. I have done a lot of work on my website whitewater-rescue.com to facilitate your success. Here are the instructions:
1. Log onto the website and click enter – this will take you to the homepage
2. Go to the middle of the homepage and click on Registration
3. Fill out the form completely and click submit.
4. Back to homepage – go to left side and click on Publications, pull down the ACA SWR IDW/ICE category.
5. You will see a list of items.
6. Pay particular attention to:
SWR Instructor Candidate Manual
         ACA SWR Terminology
         Course Outlines: Advanced SWR, SWR- New Program,
         Essentials of River Safety
         ACA Interpersonal Skills Requirement, Instructor Equipment  
         ACA SEIC Policy Manual, ACA SEIC By-laws
7. Look under  “Learning Style Inventory Kolb LSI3” and
Download LSI Justification – LSI3
8. Check out “Rescue and Paddlesport Articles and Research” read Discussion of Technical Aspects of Rescue PFDs, SWR Philosophy – Auto pilot, SWR Equipment Test
9. Check “Teaching Tips” and read 16 Ways to be a better Teacher and The Scholarship of Teaching
10. Look at multiple articles for fun!
11. I need you to print and complete the ACA waiver and medical info forms and mail a hardcopy to me at POB 1832 Sylva, NC 28779 ASAP!
It is to your advantage to at least read and be aware of most of the other posted material. We will keep you apprised of new material as it becomes available.
Please feel free to call with any questions. (828 586-6563)
Sam Fowlkes
ACA SEIC Past Chair


ACA Basic River Canoe Instructor Certification
5-22,23,24 in Western NC
Contact person - Jonathan Floyd


ACA Whitewater Open Canoe Instructor Certification
6-8,9,10,11 + 12 in Western NC
Call Sam Fowlkes 828 586-6563

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