Sam Fowlkes
ACA Safety and Rescue Committee Chair
347 Paddlers Trail
347 Paddlers Trail
Sylva, NC  28779
T. 828 586-6563
F. 828 586-9649
What's New? DVDs! Deals!
Solo Canoeing by Tom Foster!

Awesome instruction done by the solo canoe guru Tom Foster! Technically cutting edge, best technique, most efficient = most fun!  A masterpiece for all serious solo boaters to have in their quiver.
Sam Fowlkes
ACA Chair on Instruction
Solo Canoeing DVD Reviews - Awesome!

The Kayaker's Toolbox by Joe Holt
Award winning instruction, with Wayne Dickert and other top NOC instructors.Pro Deal for ACA certified instructors!
Paddlefilms website - check it out!

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